Root any android phone without PC

Hello guys i m going to share one of the method/way from which you can root your phone easily without PC.this way is tested by myself and sure it works for you so try and enjoy rooting without pc.only i want users to my blog so please share my blog with your friends so i can continue to my best service.

What Is Rooting?

First, for the newbies, let me clarify what rooting is. Getting root or rooting your phone is the process of modifying the operating system that shipped with your device to grant you complete control over it.
This means you can overcome limitations that the carriers and manufacturers put on your phone, extend system functionality, and even upgrade it to a custom flavor of Android.
The name root comes from the Linux operating system world, where the most privileged user on the system (otherwise known as Administrator on Windows) is called root.

Benefits Of Rooting:-

1.Full Control Over Your Android Device

2.Back Up And Restore The Whole System

3.Save Space On Your Phone

4.To Run Special Applications

5.To Install Custom ROMs

Disadvantages of Rooting:-

1.Your Phone Might Get Bricked

2.You End up Voiding Phone’s Warranty


How To Do:-

1.Download This Required Tools

1.King User:-Download Now

2.King Root:-Download Now 

3.Root Checker:-Download Now 

 2.Install all the three apps on your android phone.

3.open "King Root" and press Big Botton and Wait for Few seconds/minute.


4.Your phone will restart.

5.After Restart your Phone will be Rooted Check with "Root Checker"

 Hope my post was helpful to you please share it with your friends and help them to "Root" their Devices.

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